Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Our advanced injectors can contour your chin with dermal filler to address an imbalanced side profile, minimize jowls, minimize or erase "bum-chin", minimize and lift double chin, thin the face and/or sharpen the jaw line. With virtually no downtime you can go back to work the same day compared to conventional surgery.

A "Liquid" Chin Augmentation will last approximately 1.5-2 years before a touch up is needed. We can not perform this treatment on any one who has an implant. Non-surgical Chin augmentation sessions can vary depending on the desired result and can range from 1-3 appointments. The number of syringes needed depends on volume required to restore missing collagen or build a balanced profile. Each syringe contains 1mL of hyaluronic acid. To put that in perspective; a ketchup packet is 8mL and a teaspoon is 5mL. Our team of professionals will help manage expectations and we only do a limited amount of filler at a time so you can be rest assured than the entire process will go very slow. We strive for the most natural result and would rather take lots of baby steps to facilitate that process.