We have all seen those shocking photos of surgical face lifts which go wrong, or end up looking like a person’s skin is plastic.

At Skinfidelity, we offer what we call a Nonsurgical facelift treatment, also referred to as a ‘liquid facelift’.

In this procedure, we use dermal fillers to restore lost volume in areas of the face which are sinking. Several types of dermal fillers including ______ and ______ are injected into the cheek, mid-face, temple and jawline. We target the most common areas which show signs of aging, so that the results are a rejuvenated and youthful face.

Fillers restore volume and improve the skin’s elasticity to reflect its natural state. Surgical facelifts involve cutting and stretching the facial skin back, altering the tissue, and removing the excess skin. These surgeries can drastically alter your appearance.

Following our Nonsurgical Facelift procedure at Skinfidelity, we include a microneedling package. Microneedling these target areas will simulate their own collagen production and generate new skin tissue for smoother, firmer skin.