In recent years, Medical Spas began offering PDO Thread Lifts as a non-surgical facelift alternative. If you have sagging, loose skin and you desire a tighter, fresher, more youthful look, a PDO Thread Lift may be the treatment best for you. Skinfidelity specializes in natural PDO threads were there is less downtime compared to more drastic thread lift alternative outcomes.

Our results will be noticeable immediately, with the full affects visible within a few weeks after the treatment. The overall appearance of the skin improves by becoming thicker, tighter, and smoother in texture, as well as reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

This versatile treatment is effective to target areas around the neck and face including the brows, nasolabial lines, forehead wrinkles, marionette lines, jawline and chin.

This cutting-edge treatment for aesthetics has been used for medical purposes for over a decade, and has a long safety track record in surgery and wound closure. 


How does a PDO Thread Lift Treatment work?

Medically referred to as Polydioxanone threads, PDO lifts use a special medical-grade, biodegradable suture material to “pull up” your skin so it is drawn taut. At Skinfidelity, our goals are ALWAYS natural while addressing signs of aging. The threads are thinner than hair and dissolvable, making it a non-surgical facelift alternative. Also known as a ‘Barbed Suture Lift’, the procedure works in three main ways:

  1. First, it mechanically results in instant skin lifting. By threading thin, dissolvable sutures underneath the skin, your nurse is able to pull and lift the sagging skin around areas of your face and forehead.

  1. Second, it contracts fat tissue to result in instant skin tightening. These invisible, painless ‘barbs’ grip the underlying tissues and muscles as the threads are pulled tight.

  1. Third, the procedure promotes your skin’s own natural collagen production at a cellular level. When the tiny barbs are inserted, your body’s healing response is triggered, which stimulates over 200x collagen production in the affected area. Additionally, the inflammatory reaction stimulates growth factors, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, which results in continued skin rejuvenation after the procedure is done.

When can I see results and how long do they last? 

The primary effect of PDO Thread Lifts is to make the skin appear tighter and more structured. Results of tighter skin are instantaneous following the treatment. After 10-14 days the natural protein synthesis starts to occur, where your skin begins to produce its own collagen, resulting in firm, youthful new skin. This typically peaks at around 6 months around the time the threads dissolve.

As the threads begin to dissolve, the effects begin to decrease, typically after 6 months to a year (depending on the number of threads used). However, the secondary ‘rejuvenation’ effect of the threads can be noticeable more than 3 years after the procedure.


How many PDO thread lift treatments will I need?

After your initial PDO Thread Lift, we recommend coming in for a follow up consultation after 6 months. Here, we will review your results and offer our best recommendations if you need a follow up treatment and when. 

Some our clients like very subtle and natural results so less threads are use so the maintenance may be slightly more frequent while others may like more threads and need less maintenance. Our approach is always the same and we like to go low and slow.

As with all of our treatments, following healthy lifestyle choices and skincare routines will help with the longevity of your results. 

What can I expect during the treatment and how long does it take?

The procedure can be performed in about 30-45 minutes depending on how many target areas we are treating and how many injections you need.

Once seated in the injection chair, alcohol and a topical anesthetic will be applied to your skin. We then use a thin cannula to inset the threads underneath your skin-into either the skin itself, muscle, or subcutaneous fat. After the threads are inserted, the method of insertion will be removed. Once all the needles are removed you are able to go home or resume your normal daily activities.


Preparing for a PDO Thread Lift


In order to prepare for a PDO Thread Lift, we advise you take certain precautions in the days leading up to your scheduled treatment:


  • Inform your Nurse about any medications you take during your initial consultation
  • Relax and avoid stressors the night before you appointment
  • Avoid any known inflammation triggers in your diet
  • Do not consume alcohol the night before your thread lift 
  • Stop taking Ibuprofen, aspirin, omega-3s or any blood-thinning medications one week before your treatment unless directed by a doctor


How long is the recovery time?

PDO Thread Lifts are considered a low-risk procedure with minimal recovery time. While there may be some visible swelling and bruising, you are able to resume non-strenuous activities right after the procedure.

We recommend avoiding high intensity workouts or heavy lifting for a week after the treatment. 

If you are a side-sleeper, we recommend setting up your pillows so that you sleep on your back in order to avoid sleeping or putting pressure on the injection sites.

Some other general aftercare tips include:

  • Pain, swelling or discomfort is expected. Ibuprofen may be taken after the procedure.
  • Do not schedule any other aesthetic procedures (toxins, peels, fillers) for at least 7 days
  • Avoid extreme temperatures for 7 days
  • Avoid alcohol and blood thinners for 7 days, as bruising and swelling is more likely to occur
  • Gently wash the treated areas, but avoid rubbing or massaging for 2 weeks
  • Do not over-stretch the area for at least 4 weeks. Avoid dental treatments within this time frame.

Unlike surgical face lifts, the subtle lift of PDO threads are designed to take years off your appearance without permenantly altering the structure of your natural face. Our goal at Skinfidelity is to restore your youthful appearance without changing your natural features.