Skinfidelity is a professional Medical Spa located in Port Credit that specializes in natural aesthetic outcomes. We offer high quality medical procedures which change the skin conditions which you see as ‘imperfections’ in areas of your face and body.

Our goal for service is to provide the safest environment that considers only natural and normalized results where our staff is trained to be sensitive to the emotional well-being and mental health of our clients.

Our goal for treatment is to offer our clients a friendly, comfortable and fun experience while delivering the highest quality treatments using the best practices in cosmetic medical procedures. Our services are non-invasive treatments which are an alternative to cosmetic surgeries.

They include injections, microneedling and peels to treat skin conditions and reverse signs of aging. We wish to help you restore or preserve your appearance to reflect your best, most naturally beautiful “you”.



She has highest degree of professionalism and genuinely cares about you and your specific and unique needs, as every face is so different. Having her work on me was legitimately an honour. She is not only so thorough with her consultations and while she is working but also soooo genuine and warm. By the time you finish consulting with her, you will feel so at ease and excited, you'll have no questions or doubt, just pure confidence letting her do her thing. It was such a gift to be at her clinic and get to experience her ARTISTRY. She really has a specific eye for her work, I would never let anybody but Shelby touch my face again.


Shelby is PERFECTION! Even if you're a little (or a lot) nervous, she will make you feel right at ease. Her attention to detail is unmatched. She gives the BEST advice and will walk you through absolutely everything with patience and care. Shelby is also one of the nicest and kindest women you'll ever meet! You'll feel right at home and Skin Fidelity. Best of all? You'll LOVE your results! Her "low and slow" approach is so refreshing. Once you see Shelby, you'll NEVER go anywhere else!


LIFESAVING!!!! I did a lot of research before coming here and I was not disappointed. I had really bad acne as a teenager and it came back recently. I also had really bad scarring from it. Shelby helped me so much to clear up my skin and give me my freedom and confidence back. I wanted to try SkinPen microneedling because she talked so highly about it and I absolutely love my results. I don't think I have ever had skin this good in my entire life. Ever. I feel so grateful I found this place and this angel. I just wish I came here sooner!!

Skinfidelity was born from love, empathy and a passion for injectable art.

We lead with heart and want you to feel valued.

What separates our company from our competitors is that we listen you. No pressure sales. No gimmicks.

In our consultations, we ask you questions, and give you our honest recommendations so we can help.