We have 42 muscles on the face, all working hard to make expressions, hold stress and show emotion so the benefits of massaging our faces are numerous. Massage can help relieve tension and improve circulation. Lymph is a fluid that is part of our immune system that carries white blood cells and captures toxins.
Lymphatic Massage is a way to flush lymph that is stuck in tissues.
Lymphatic drainage depends on muscle movement and pressure. Our lymphatic system doesn't have valves and pressure from our heart like our blood to circulate. Poor lymphatic circulation can be from muscle tensions, tacial surgery, sinus inflammation, chronic allergies, dermal filler & more. This can result in a build of lymph fluid and cause excess swelling in the eyes and face (and other areas of the body). Lymphatic massage puts pressure on top of lymph nodes in a direction that encourages drainage.


The treatment consists of a lymphatic face/neck drainage massage, light cleanse, steam, (extractions optional), hydrating masque, hydrating serum/moisturizer and SPF using iSclinical products.




Good for all skin types and tones. This treatment is combines holistic techniques and botanical powered ingredients to detox the face and keep the skin in balance.

The immediate result is a less puffy face (reduced eye bags) sharper jawline and fresh clean hydrated skin.