Let's Build a Relationship

At Skinfidelity we know exactly what it is like in the injection chair. Our years of experience and expertise has been beautifully crafted into a consultation like none other. Our approach is completely client-centered and we really want to get to know you and figure out exactly what your specific goals are. We do not believe in a one-size fits all approach. Our motto is always "go low and slow" and we take that to heart. We feel strongly that there should be no pressure and no rush when it comes to making decisions regarding your face. 

We will empower you with knowledge and the freedom of choice to make the best decision for yourself. We encourage you to ask questions to our nurse injector or to our doctor. We encourage you to take time to make decisions. We do reserve the right to refuse any type of work that we believe may negatively impact you or create an unnatural result. Although we always want to make our clients happy, Skinfidelity recognizes that true happiness is a shift in consciousness and we care about your emotional well-being. 

Our no-nonsense-no-pressure approach has been built after many years working in the cosmetic industry at some of the most recognizable medical spas in Toronto. Skinfidelity's Founder and Advanced Lead Injector; Shelby felt pressure to create a safe space for the public that is established from honesty and integrity. Every service, technique, technology and product has been personally vetted and endorsed by us because it yields real results. We treat our close family members and our best friends here. We do not believe in short cuts. Skinfidelity by name stands for loyalty and we are here for the marathon.

We strive to make your experience the most comfortable and informative. We are  genuinely looking forward to meeting and connecting with you!