Refer a Friend

At Skinfidelity, we strongly believe in the importance of Loyalty and we want to extend a token of gratitude to our supportive clients. As a way of saying thank you for the good word - we want to provide you with a 10% off discount for any service at any time at regular price.

 There are two ways to receive your discount.

1. Your friend mentions you.

Anytime a new client signs up and they fill out your name in their intake forms you will be flagged for discount. You can have multiple "refer-a-friend" discount depending entirely on the number of friends that enter your name. The discounts can not be combined.

 2. You mention your friend.

Contact us and let us know your friend's names, email and/or phone so we can reach them if you believe that they may be interested in our services. If your friend does come in for treatment- we can not disclose who- but we will leave you with a coupon for each person.