It is completely harmless, and quite common, yet Melasma can appear quickly and become quite noticeable, especially to the person who develops it. Melasma, a form of hyperpigmentation, is a skin condition characterized by dark patches which appear most commonly on the face, neck and sometimes forearms. The spots can be brown, tan, or sometimes, a blue-grey colour.


The specific cause of Melasma is unknown, yet it occurs when there is an increase of melanin in the skin. Melasma can occur from sun exposure, genetics, or hormonal changes. Pregnant women sometimes develop Melasma due to the increase in progesterone.


For individuals who feel they have Melasma which is problematic for their appearance, or see it is more permanent, we treat this condition with the SkinPen Microneeding. The tiny pricks work to break the blood vessels beneath they skin’s surface, increasing the blood supply to the wound area, allowing new collagen and healthy cells to form. This improves the skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of Melasma.


At Skinfidelity, we do not treat Melasma on clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding for health and safety reasons. Often the skin condition appears during pregnancy and will disappear on its own. If you still have discolouration post-breastfeeding, we are happy to treat you then.