First Time to Botox? Try Baby-Botox!

Baby-Botox is our approach to all first-time clients who have never had botox before.
We start off very low and slow to ease our clients into a new uncharted territory. 
Some of our clients absolutely love the subtle effect of "baby botox" and are very happy having more movement than the average botox client.  
Baby Botox effects do not last quite as long as regular dosing but it gives the client a good idea how botox works and feels and is a great jump-off point.
Baby Botox will start to wear off around 6-8 weeks and be fully out around 10-12 weeks. 
Some professionals who love Baby Botox are Actors, Actresses, Lawyers, Child & Youth Workers, Social Workers, Police, Teachers, Principals and other professionals that require some stern expression to carry-out there job descriptions.