Botox Lip Flip

 Botox Lip Flip

 Full lips are a sensual feature many women desire.
A smoochable pair of lips if often associated with femininity, hence why we apply lipstick and gloss before we pose for a picture, or pucker up for a selfie.
Naturally full lips are a genetic trait. Many of us wish we could have more voluptuous lips. We also lose volume in our lips as we age, making thin lips a common and noticeable sign of aging.

Dermal fillers are a common cosmetic procedure for lip enhancements, but we can also use Botox to do what  is called a ‘lip flip’. 


The Botox lip flip is a quick, non-surgical procedure which takes about 10 seconds and is easy to do.
By injecting the Botox into the ‘Cupid’s Bow’ area in the middle of your upper lip, the neuromodulator allows the muscles to relax.

This allows different muscles in your mouth to pull your lip up creating more height and more visible lip to be shown.
The key difference between a filler and a flip is that a lip flip only appears to make your lips look fuller, whereas dermal fillers do restore the volume and structure with hyaluronic acid.
Lip flips can last 4 to 12 weeks, where fillers have much longer-lasting results.

The cost is quite inexpensive compared to filler as we use such a low dose of Botox to achieve the results but requires a more maintenance (every 3-4 months).
During your consultation with us, we will help you determine whether a lip flip or lip fillers are better suited for your goals.
You may also choose to combine the procedures a do the Botox lip flip, and then add fillers in a separate appointment to create a dramatic plumping affect.