Etched into the corners of the eyes, Crow’s Feet often appear before any other facial wrinkles, and appear deeper and more pronounced on the skin. They can occur as early as our mid-20s, which is a real giveaway of our true age. 

These unwanted lines can appear faster as a result of unprotected UV exposure, but are also just a natural and unavoidable part of aging. They occur earlier in life than other wrinkles because the layer of skin around the eye is so thin, and lacks oil glands. Elasticity in these areas diminishes, and the skin is unable to restore back to its natural state.


Crow's feet wrinkles are becoming more common at an earlier age due to increasing screen time on devices. Continuous squinting from both reading and blue light brightness contributes to the formation of eye wrinkles.

At Skinfidelity, we commonly treat Crow’s Feet with Botox or Dysport