Depth is the key indicator between "fine lines" and "deep lines". While fine lines are parts of the skin where specific movements cause temporary wrinkles to appear, deep lines will stick around and become more permanent. Fine lines eventually become deep lines over time after repetitive muscle use or change in skin integrity such a volume loss.


Very few people enjoy permanent deep lines on their face or other areas of the body, as they are commonly associated with ‘looking tired and old’. Genetics and lifestyle both play a part in how bad and how quickly will we develop deep lines on our skin. We can't promise to completely get rid of very deep lines but we do offer treatments to drastically reduce their appearance to come close to total reversing the appearance. With complimentary skin therapies we can reduce the impact of these deep lines to create a more smoother and even tone face.


Fillers are injected directly into these deep lines or adjacent structures to create volume and lift. We also offer microneedling sessions to stimulate your skin’s collagen production. Collagen is a protein which serves many functions, including providing your skin with strength, elasticity and hydration. By boosting its production, we are able to tighten, firm, lift and remodel weakened skin which is a primary cause of these deep lines.