When the skin around our foreheads and eyebrows age, not only do we develop those horizontal creases known as ‘glabellar frown lines’, but our eyes start sag and look droopy. Excess skin can cause these droopy eyes, but also like all effects of aging, a loss of skin elasticity and volume.

Our eyes are the facial feature which others focus on the most- eye contact is an important part of our social communication. It’s no surprise that many of our clients wish to restore the youthful appearance of their eyes.

An Eyebrow Lift is one of Hollywood’s favourite non-surgical cosmetic procedures, as celebrities love how this single treatment can take years off their appearance. We use Botox injections to relax the muscles between the eyebrows, which allows the forehead muscles to elevate the brows and open up the eyes.

By treating this single area, we are able to lift the eyebrows, smooth out the frown lines, and reduce the appearance of lines between the eyes. Your eyes will appear wider, more awake, and ultimately, more youthful.

Unlike a surgical eyebrow procedure, we guarantee the natural structure of your eyes will not be drastically changed, and instead, just appear fresh and rejuvenated.