Your  jaw is a complex structure of bone and tissue. The structure of our mandible, or lower jaw, determines how pronounced our chin appears.

A recessive, "weak" or receding chin, clinically referred to as ‘retrogenia’, is primarily determined by genetics, and a natural part of aging.

As we age, we may naturally lose some of the bone structure or tissue in our lower jaw, leading to a less defined chin. Whether you were born with a less defined jawline, or have lost definition over time, jaw augmentation using fillers is a non-invasive way to correct the imperfection. We can not perform chin augmentation on anyone who has a chin implant or who is pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breastfeeding.

Dermal fillers are customizable, and can be used to contour the jaw in a variety of ways:
  • Make the chin appear longer
  • Shape or even out the chin
  • Lift double-chin
  • Minimize or smooth out a cleft chin or "bum chin"
  • Restore volume to the lower face where it begins to sag with age
  • Augmenting the chin so that it is more align with the nose
  • Defining the chin to give the desirable ‘heart’ face shape

A. Balancing Chin Asymmetry
B. Balancing Chin Asymmetry
C. Chin Augmentation
D. Chin and Pre-Jowl Jawline Augmentation
E. Chin Augmentation (soften crease)
F. Pre-Jowl Jawline Augmentation