Also known as facial or jawline slimming, masseter reduction involves using injections to slender out the lower face. Masseter muscles are two bulky muscles on each side of the angle of your jaw, which serve as muscles of mastication; in other words, they help you chew.


Large jaw muscles are often determined by genetics, yet factors such as excessive teeth grinding can overtime make these muscles bulkier. Many clients with to slim the masseter muscles for aesthetic reasons, to create a more narrow and feminine jawline.


The procedure involves injecting muscle relaxers into the masseter muscles to soften and reduce their appearance. At Skinfidelity, we offer Botox or Dysport muscle relaxers, and make recommendations depending on your both your facial structure and skin, and desired results. After completing treatments, it is possible to transform a square jawline into an oval face shape.


This procedure is also advantageous for people who develop bruxism from teeth grinding. By relaxing these muscles, it can significantly ease the pain caused from clenching your teeth.