When we were in the prime of our young adult years, we had smooth, firm, tight skin. As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain its firm shape due to a reduction in collagen and elastin production. This natural loss of elasticity begins around the age of 25, with more noticeable changes appearing in our 30s and 40s. For women, our skin loses approximately 30% of its collagen production in the first five years of menopause.


 Many of us feel self conscious as we begin to lose the youthfulness of our appearance due to sagging skin. The rate at which our skin beings to show noticeable signs of aging depends on genetics, and also lifestyle factors including nutrition, exercise, sleep and protecting ourselves from the sun.


Fortunately, science has allowed the medical cosmetic industry to discover ways to reverse the signs of aging. We can improve the tightness of your skin with microneedling treatments  to induce collagen induction therapy. using the SkinPen Microneedling System. Optimal results are in combination with dermal filler to immediately restore lost volume in specific target areas of the face. Daily use of sunscreen also helps protect the skin from free radicals in UV rays that damage the dermis and accelerate the aging process.