Did you ever ask in your childhood years why Grandma and Grandpa have the number “11” on their forehead, between their eyebrows? No, it’s not by choice, or indication they were part of a club…although those unfavourable vertical lines between the eyebrows do seem to be indication of the ‘old age club’. Depending on our skin type and lifestyle, frown lines, aka. ‘eleven lines’ may appear much sooner in our adult years than expected.

 Frown lines appear as a result of repetitive movements in the forehead. As their name suggests, frowning expressions are a major culprit. However, shock, surprise, amusement, anger, and many other emotions cause our forehead muscles to crease. Overtime, as our skin begins to loose elasticity, these fine lines turn into permanent wrinkles. 

 We treat eleven lines with Botox (or Dysport). There are two main muscles which affect this specific area: the procerus muscle and corrugator muscle. By freezing these forehead muscles which attribute to the vertical lines, it stops them from contracting, making the lines appear softer. At Skinfidelity, we use minimal amounts in each injection to ensure that the wrinkles are less prominent, while allowing natural movement of the area.

 It’s best to try treating these areas as soon as you start to notice visible fine lines, even as early as your mid-twenties to early thirties. By getting ahead of creases before they become noticeably deep, they are easier to treat and maintain. As with all areas of your face, the longer you wait to try Botox treatments, the more difficult it will be to reverse. Start with Baby Botox if you are apprehensive about Botox treatments but want to see how the results will work for you on a milder scale.